Needs Analysis

Do you really know what you need to improve your communications? We’ll help you analyse your requirements, putting together an effective training plan.

Join us for sessions to brainstorm your strengths and weaknesses.  Here’s our model:

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One of the biggest problems with “communication” is that most of us mix up ideas, techniques, procedures and aims. We need to unpack what we are talking about. We go step by step through the processes of communication to

Using the model above, our facilitators help you to find out what it is you are wanting to achieve and how to get there.

For example, many who work in organisational roles are required to have media skills such as news release writing. It’s not hard to craft a statement if you are clear about what you want to say: the difficulty, often, is understanding what the public wants to know.

The latest AI tools for writing do help to sift through confusion and clarify the essentials.  These tools don’t add anything to what you are already thinking but they do help – a lot – to sort out the content and provide concise words to explain it.

Other tools that we use are mind-maps, freewriting and, of course, brainstorming, which remains the most effective way to get ideas out of people and draw up a consensus plan.

Relaxed discussion in an outdoor breakaway.