World Economic Forum in Africa 2016

Our Philosophy

Africa is not lagging behind, it is catching up. Three critical elements are coming together to create a new future for the continent’s peoples:

  • Better governance
  • Digital economies
  • Free communication

A new society is in the making as liberation movements mature and turn their attention to true national development that meets widespread needs. Democracy, the internet and the exchange of ideas are reshaping post-colonial states.

We at Editorial Assignments see ourselves as part of this journey. It embraces all races and creeds because Africa accepts all.


Africa’s value system is based on Ubuntu – the idea that all humans owe their lives to others, meaning that the community is the source of individual well-being. This deeply embedded, traditional belief faces the challenge of corruption in business and government, where self-enrichment and power grabbing have weakened moral foundations.


Freedom of speech and free association work together to hold leaders, officials and business people accountable. The skills of communication play a fundamental role in bringing about better, more honest, more people-centred governance. The digital revolution provides the tools for the rapid spread of information, which is the key to social mobilisation towards a better life for all.

Having emerged from colonialism, Africa is taking full responsibility for itself.  The South African author and sage, Es’kia Mphahlele said: “We must strive to visualize the whole man, not merely the things that are meant to flatter [our] ego.” [On Negritude in Literature, 1963].

Heritage and the future

In covering Africa’s development, its problems and its solutions, communicators of all types – journalists, speakers, managers, teachers, local and national officials, and many more – have a responsibility to remind us that we owe it to each other to grow beyond our cruel recent history. The modern world challenges Africa to achieve its potential.

We step into the world proud of our heritage and determined to find our own destiny within in the community of humankind.

The golden rhinoceros is a symbol of Africa’s identity. It is, made from wood covered in thin sheets of gold, from the medieval Kingdom of Mapungubwe, which is located in modern-day South Africa.