Soweto youth uprising of 1976-84

Editorial Assignments has shared  in the quest for a new South Africa. Prof Graeme Addison founded the consultancy in the 1990s and has worked with many senior associates in media and communications to provide training and advice to companies, government and NGOs.

Freedom & development

Liberation did not come easily to South Africans. Blood was spilled, lives lost  and peopled exiled in the quest for equal rights and an end to apartheid. Throughout the period of anti-government protests, leading to the democratic settlement of 1994, media played a key role in reporting and dissecting events.

Our associates in Editorial Assignments were present (and still are) at many events in this turbulent society. They have lived to see freedom of expression become a central pillar of the SA Constitution.

Four decades of communication training & consulting


Prof Graeme Addison has worked with these institutions, providing research and  strategic communication plans, while also training scores of personnel for old and new media.



There have been many other connections across schools, universities, industries and mining houses, government departments and non-government organisations. Our associates have included seasoned journalists, academics, public relations professionals and activists.

  • Editorial Assignments does not teach spin-doctoring and is not a member of any interest group.