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Radio: at the heart of social media

TweetRadio is perfectly positioned to be the ringmaster of social media exchanges within and even well beyond its broadcast footprint area. GRAEME ADDISON offers a bit of theory to back this up. Radio is limited by being only an audio … Continue reading

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How social networks intensify protests

TweetIn Brazil and Turkey, spontaneous citizen movements have sprung out of nowhere. The enraged Turkish PM, once regarded as a democrat, sees conspiracies and treason everywhere. The Brazilian president, once a jailed activist, does not seem to know how to … Continue reading

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Dealing with Media – digitally

TweetAre you afraid that your child knows more about media than you do? Do you have to ask your 10-year-old to teach you how to use MixIt and Twitter? If so, you are not alone. There is an innate conservatism … Continue reading

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