Radio: at the heart of social media

Radio is perfectly positioned to be the ringmaster of social media exchanges within and even well beyond its broadcast footprint area. GRAEME ADDISON offers a bit of theory to back this up.

Radio is limited by being only an audio medium – right? Sure, it’s a ‘theatre of the mind’ but how far does that get you when all trends in journalism and entertainment point to radio digital commonsvisual media? Radio is instant and soon forgotten, right? It can’t sustain attention and pursue investigative details and data? Dead wrong!

Radio connects many dots. Because of its directness, openness and agility, it can position itself at the heart of social media. It can grab the attention of listeners (rather call them users) and send them to in-depth content via its web pages. With digital radio now on the cards almost everywhere, the transmedia power of radio will take a great leap forward.

And radio is not just sound. Using websites and its own social media channels radio can Continue reading

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Maps that raise questions

Quite a lot of new instructional material is appearing online about techniques of data journalism. If journalists are being outwitted by government and corporate number-crunchers it’s because we haven’t stayed on track with digital analytical skills. Most of us are aware of this but not sure how to go about learning them.

Here’s the link to a very good, short (48 page), free PDF that touches all the bases, from how to use Excel to how to visualise the data you’ve unpacked and hand it to readers in a digestible form.
DATA JOURNALISM, by Elena Egawhary and Cynthia O’Murchu (Centre for Investigative Journalism and Financial Times).

Also new is Paul Bradshaw’s “Scraping Continue reading

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Future media and Web 3.0

Most media people are pretty terrified of terms like “Big Data” and “IT engineering” but we need to get over that. The future is written in digital media and we had better understand what’s going to happen. Get with it or get lost!

web-x.0 from novak spivak

Quadrant chart adapted from Novak Spivak, a web visionary speculating on the evolution of systems

I have been writing a lot for Business Day on the emergence of Web 3.0 – the Big Data web. And in our workshops at the Institute for the Advancement of Journalism in Johannesburg, South Africa, Web 3.0 is looming large. I’ll think aloud a bit to suggest where this leads.

There have been lots of attempts to describe Web 3.0, some clearer than others. Essentially, it is Continue reading

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