Marketing is Common Sense

ust put your mind to it, don’t waste money, and tell people what they need to know about your product and service.

In my experience, TIME is one of the greatest factors in successfully marketing: the longer you are out there and the more persistent you are, the better the results.

I prepared the poster below for my son Damian who is busy with the marketing of our guest establishment, Otters’ Haunt, on the Vaal River near Johannesburg, SA. He’s using a variety of tools such as and his personal blog. All to the good, except that marketing is not just about being online.

BASICS OF MARKETINGRecently Damian brought a teambuilding group to our place by working his personal contacts. Simple: just ring ’em up and tell them what we have to offer. Nothing matters more than personal contacts, friendliness and helpfulness. Customers who come to you already want to know more and are willing to buy, you just have to give them the information and the service they need to make up their minds.

As a student on a marketing communications course once educated me (I was lecturing!) – “Marketing is all common sense with a dash of politeness”. Right!

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